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Mechanical Decoking / Pigging

Mechanical Decoking / Pigging has been found to be the most effective method worldwide for cleaning the coke scaling inside the fired heater tubes.

Decoking Machine


  • Increases Efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs .
  • Increases Reliability
  • Minimizes Risks
  • Improves Safety & Quality

Plant-Tech happens to be the first 100 % Indian company to offer Decoking / Pigging Services for Heaters. Our pigging and decoking system is totally safe and self-contained, can clean heaters with radius bends, plug headers and box headers, able to track pigs and find problem areas quickly thus making your heaters to run more efficiently, and while we are cleaning your heater you can carry out other maintenance works as well that can make you save time and money.

Our trailer mounted double pumper decoking unit have the capacity to carry out two jobs at once, as for example one heater with two passes that can be cleaned simultaneously, permits to clean your heaters in a bi-directional way, without any chemical product, without any heater tube damage and with a friendly environmental impact.