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Super Sucker Vacuum Trucks

In process units, sludge is generated/leaked which has to be lifted from the source to the ETP Pits/lagoons
at the earliest to avoid further spillage.

About the Unit

  • A Super Sucker Vacuum Truck is a self-contained mobile vacuum unit and can be used for both dry and wet type operations. The unit handles liquid and semisolid substances.
  • It has a high suction power of 3000 m3/hr of dry air.
  • Its suction head is 80mtr-120 mtr.
  • Our Vacuum Truck serves all the said objectives and helps the plant to comply with environmental and safety norms.


  • Suction and safe discharge of pyrophoric material.
  • Shifting of waste oil and sludge which is generated or leaked from the source to the ETP pits/lagoons at the earliest with zero spillage during transportation.
  • During the monsoon season, the process units located in coastal areas, in particular, experience heavy rains which in time leads to water logging in the units. Occasionally, if there is already an existing oil spillage than it mixes with rain water which again has to be collected and moved to ETP as a safety measure. Our trucks can lift, shift and discharge such material quickly in times of emergencies.
  • Additionally, rain water floods the open OWS pits and drains which is environmentally hazardous, hence it’s imperative to shift the contents to alternative locations.

Safety Features

  • The Tank mounted on the truck is Stainless Steel which can handle all kinds of corrosive material.
  • Unlike Conventional Trucks/ Gully Suckers with Manual opening of rear doors which is slippery and unsafe and takes 20 – 30 minutes to open and close, our Contemporary Rear Doors are opened and closed hydraulically which helps in fast opening of dish ends and quick discharge.
  • Rear discharge Dish end is provided with safety lock to overcome hydraulic system failure/ hose cut off / oil leakage etc. of the door
  • It is equipped with Safety Alarm system in case of over lifting of tank beyond prescribed limit